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Tired of the same
boring dinner?

We feel you.

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Once every week,
Eat dinner
From around the world.

Get a full course dinner - including a dessert ๐Ÿ˜‹ - delivered to your doorstep. Designed by local immigrants in Nashville to provide you with an experience of their country and their culture. And the best part is, it requires no cooking.

A delicious Iraqi dinner.

Delicious and Affordable

You don't need to waste time searching for a new resturant, or worse, cooking the same boring dinner. With Gigamunch, every week you get a ready-to-eat dinner from around the world delivered.

  • 1 Main Entree ๐Ÿ– (vegetarian option ๐ŸŒฑ)
  • 2 Sides. Healthy and Filling!
  • 1 Dessert to top it off

One BIG Adventure
without breaking the bank

$14 per serving
+$5 for delivery

No commitment. No, really.
There's no minimum contract so sign up. If you love it, stick around. If you don't, you can cancel anytime without getting charged a dime.
Iraq cook

More than just food

Each Gigamunch dinner is an immersive journey to a new country - a new culture. We work with local immigrants and refugees in Nashville so you get an authentic taste of a new country.

Read their stories.
Listen to their music.
Learn their culture.
Love their food.

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Easy. Convenient. Quality.

Enjoy delicious international food
from a different country every week.

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No Cooking. No Hassle.

With Gigamunch, no shopping. No cooking. No last minute take-out.

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Quality meals

Gourmet dinner with a meaty protein, healthy veggies, filling carbs, and a delicious dessert.

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No commitment whatsoever

Skipping weeks or cancelling is super easy.

What Members Are Saying

"We are NOT the most adventurous eaters, and yet we have all loved each one of our 4 menus so far. I cannot say enough about this company and the quality of the service and food. Thank you for expanding our horizons with delicious food! :-)"


"What a wonderful experience all the way around the world! The food has been delectable! I love learning the history of the country and chef."


"Bravo! I love these meals, culture guides, and songs. They are delicious, convenient, educational, and fun."


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No waste. No, really.
When you eat with us, youโ€™re helping our big beautiful Earth. We re-use 90% of our packaging, while the other 10% is easily recyclable by you. We also donate 100% of our leftover food to charity. โค๏ธ

Let the world travel to you

  • Ready-to-eat meals. No need to prepare.
  • Affordable and delicous
  • Delivered to your doorstep
  • Skip or cancel anytime